UGPCD – Under graduate program for CEO development

We at the CEO Academy have customised several programs to meet your aspirations. Therefore, the UGPCD, which is of 12 months duration, has been designed to cater to those who want to set up their own business enterprises. Since a business venture entails certain risks, our program helps you identify the relevant risks and minimise them. It does not matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional. This program will equip you to perform as a seasoned CEO.

Why:  What makes some start-ups abject failures and others a resounding success? According to the current global trends, 95% of such ventures fold up within the first three years of their establishment. Obviously, there are factors that play a decisive role in the success or failure of a start-up. Could the nature and quantum of funding be such a factor? We decided to look into this phenomenon. After two years of research, which also involved interaction with 150 founders of various start-ups, we discovered quite a few interesting specifics.   

In 15% of the cases, funding was definitely an issue. However, the most striking fact we came across was the entrepreneur’s inability to become familiar with the ecosystem in which a start-up must perform. Founder-entrepreneurs have a vague idea of market dynamics, although they have some really good business ideas. These entrepreneurs do not realise that one needs to be equipped with relevant knowledge and skills in order to translate their ideas into a real and vibrant business entity. 

There is neither a formal training program nor recourse to professional assistance for an entrepreneur, in case his or her start-up confronts problems. These problems could be in the field of finance, sales, man management, production or distribution. 

Let us take a look at a problem often faced by various start-ups. The founder-entrepreneur has invested sufficient funds in a start-up. However, the sales are not picking up. Where could the problem be? In the product quality, in the sales strategy or the advertising focus? Perhaps, the personnel are not trained properly?

How to identify the real problem? This is where the entrepreneur needs to have sufficient knowledge and skills to understand and resolve the problems his or her start-up is facing.

This is where the programs designed by the CEO Academy play a vital role.

Eligibility: Any person with pass marks in 10th class, or with higher educational qualification, is eligible for the training program.  

Location: Courses can be availed online as well as offline in person.

When: Presently, the waiting time is three months. This may lengthen in future, as the number of applicants is increasing by the day. We do not take more than fifty candidates in a batch for quality reasons. We believe in providing top quality training through personalised attention. 

Benefits: If you want to climb the Mount Everest, you should be outfitted with the right type of equipment and training. Similarly, we at the CEO Academy intend to furnish you with the best skills for not just establishing your cherished start-up enterprise but also preparing you for identifying and resolving problems that you may face in future as the Founder-entrepreneur/CEO. The course designed at the CEO Academy aims at ensuring that not only should you be able to implement your business ideas but also successfully plan out quantity and timing of using essential inputs like finance, personnel, production, distribution etc. In other words, you will become an able and confident CEO at the end of our training program.

Scope Of The Training: We cover more than 18 areas in which the aspiring CEOs/Founder-entrepreneurs are trained. We have devised this training program after five years of research. No wonder, successful CEOs have showered lavish praise on this program. 

The Program’s USP: We have discovered that most of the Founder-entrepreneurs are highly enthusiastic about their start-ups but are inadequately skilled for the purpose. They have to depend upon others for making their dreams come true – which could be both costly as well as risky. This program is designed to rectify this situation. The CEO/Founder-entrepreneur will have the right knowledge and skills to get the work done from their subordinates/employees. In case they are going to run a business on their own, they will be able to perform quite efficiently.

Cost Structure: This power packed UGPCD is designed to raise you to the top 10% of knowledge pool.

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