PGPCD – Post graduate program for CEO development.

Our students need to realise that there are several levels of business enterprises – ranging from sole proprietorship to partnership and joint stock companies to multinationals. Each level of such a business enterprise requires different skill sets for managing. The CEO Academy’s PGPCD program helps you to become a well-trained CEO/Founder-entrepreneur for establishing and running your own start-ups. 

However, we at the CEO Academy know that a start-up will not remain a mere start-up forever. It is bound to expand and grow into a bigger business enterprise in due course of time. And you, the CEO/Founder-entrepreneur, should be ready to cope with the new challenges which such growth will pose. Therefore, we have designed this next level program which enables a CEO/Founder-entrepreneur to lead a team of professionals. This multi-level approach has been devised specifically to train the CEOs/Founder-entrepreneurs for handling more sophisticated and challenging projects.

Scope Of The Training: At this level, we train the CEOs to balance their lifestyles with their professional commitments such as  leading a team of specialists, getting funds at favourable terms etc. Therefore, we at the Academy have designed an effective course that involves one-to-one training sessions along with introducing them to workbook and worksheet templates for daily task execution and step by step business simulation. Further, we guide our students in the processes leading to formation of a business  as well as getting legal help for setting up and running their business enterprise. 

  • Entry after Qualifying test
  • 2 months on Campus Training
  • Ideal for post graduate and graduate with min 1-3 year of experience
  • We refund full fees as an award if you hire more than 25 employee in your venture
  • Speak with our team if you wish to learn more about the program
  • This course is not for job seekers, This course is for job creator

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Enrolled: 49 students
Duration: 12 months
Video: 40 hours
Level: Advanced